~YOUR Stuff~


It’s amazing how we accumulate so much stuff.yardsale

And sometimes we have to even store the stuff that we accumulate.
We work long hours and miss out on what’s important which is the family time teaching our kids the right way to go in life.
And some of us are very confused ourselves on which way to go in life because we’re trying to chase that dollar.

Just ask God to help you to slow down and to keep in mind what’s important, and that is the things that concerns to Lord.

And if you don’t know it’s in the word of God the Bible, Matthew 24:35 said having an earth will pass away but the words of God would always stand.
It just doesn’t make sense to gain the world and to lose your soul because we have put so much time into accumulating  more stuff.
And keep in mind the stuff that you worked so hard for you don’t know if you’re going to leave it to a fool or a wise man.

It’s really okay to have stuff, but don’t let the stuff have you, by keeping you so busy that you don’t have time for God  and showing your family the way to God and that’s through his son Jesus Christ that died for the sins of the world.

So keep God first and enjoy your stuff.


Millennials Need to Be More Dependent

Grace Valentine

I know there is some mother who clicked on this article ready to chastise me in the comment section. I can hear it already:

“We do not want to teach our youth to be dependent on anyone.”

And you are right. I am usually against depending on anyone for anything. I got a job as soon as I was allowed to so I could make my own money. I decided to go to college far away from all I ever knew. I hate asking for help from anyone.

I believe that we as a generation love independence. We may not fully understand all the responsibilities that come along with independence, but we love the idea of being on our own and being fully in control. We have a tendency to think we are stronger than we actually are. We have a tendency to consider ourselves the only Savior we…

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~Light of life~


Light and darkness can’t share  in the same space.

Light will always wins.

You’re the light of the world for someone.

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world.

If you follow me, you wont have to walk in darkness, because you will have the

light that leads to life .

John 8:12

So shine.

Good word!

Patricia A Yarber Writing

Today, I will be brief and hope this post inspires someone out there not to give up on their dreams. If you have been focused and trying hard without any signs of success, you may consider taking another approach or apply another technique and watch the difference. There are many paths that lead to the […]

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Coffee Can Be a Spiritual Experience

That was beautiful, I too am a coffee drinker and enjoy the different coffees. Knowing that there is a God is good, But having a relationship with him allowing his Holy Spirit to lead and guide you is awesome .

Robin Lewis - Speaker / Coach

laptop coffee old tableI live again in the little town in which I grew up, a small farm-to-market town with a few stores and a great sense of community. After having lived away and been exposed to “big city things” I can sometimes find the local grocery store a bit of a challenge, but that’s OK. Except for the coffee.

My younger daughter worked as a barista at some great coffee shops when we lived in Tampa and Greensboro. That’s when I realized there was a lot more to coffee than the Maxwell House I’d grown up knowing. I learned about the power of the bean! The organic, fairly traded, and freshly roasted bean from Kenya remains my favorite. The oils on top of the French Press cup, the deep aroma, the earthy flavor with notes that linger, combined with honey and half and half make for a satisfying and rewarding cup of…

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A Thirsty Land, A Thirsty Soul

Good word!

Robin Lewis - Speaker / Coach

strength to the weak

My desk by the window with coffee in hand is the first place I land after waking, stretching, and thanking.  The mist hangs low and veils the pines across the road after last night’s hard rain.  Two of the three horses in the pasture are visible, and I imagine are enjoying the dew-heavy grass.  Our land has been thirsty.  These rain drops that fell will soak into soil and bring shriveled corn into fullness again, encouraging the shriveled hearts of farmers as well.

We, too, can become thirsty in soul.  Made to need the One who made us, without receiving from Him, we become dry and the living out of our lives can become shriveled like the corn in nearby fields, not producing much.  A thirsty soul is a good thing to have as it draws us to God.  We learn not to fill ourselves with other things as they…

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~Attention all Olympics may God~ continue to get the glory



Attention all Olympics
This was a great time for you to show the whole world your greatness. I’m sure all of you had to suffer with aching muscles and some had sprained ankles.
Some of you have missed  proms , hanging out with friends and family the things that most of us would call the normal things in life.
Why! because God has chosen you, he has put you on that platform so the whole world could see a wonderful creation he has made he loves you so much.

There are many that has tried and failed but God has chosen you ,so let your light continue to shine the light that God has placed in you that he might get the glory out of all the things that he has done for you.
He has no hands but your hands no feet but your feet so continue to tell the world where you get your strength from.

And for all those that didn’t get a gold medal God is still smiling on you so shine on shine on.
You too have change some lives I would even go as far as to say saved some life’s by motivating  and stimulating us as people to continue to do the best that we can do whatever it is that we do .
So keep your head, up keep a smile on your face and know that you are still loved by the people and God .
So continue with the gifts that has been given to you . And don’t give up and don’t cry you are all winners in God’s eye’s so use that platform so the world can see the great gift that he has given you.

God has created and gifted you.
Thank you all for your great performance.