I Loves Gay People

I Loves Gay People

I love all people because God loves All people, gay, straight, same sex, He sent his Son for all of us. We all can find true love by READING AND STUDYING his word. YES GOING TO CHURCH IS ALL GOOD. BUT STUDYING HIS WORD THAT’S WHERE YOU WILL FIND FREEDOM start in the book of Mark. The truth will set us all free when we repent and accept the Truth that’s in his word. Don’t trust your heart, trust God’s word. We come up with all kinds of excuses why we are who we are to validate the things that we do. We all are born into this world, but we can become born again by repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. Trusting in the word of God and having a relationship with him will teach you how to get out of anything that has you in bondage. (Bondage) is doing something that you know is wrong but it feels right, or you have done it for so long you’re ok with what you’re doing, But you know that it’s against Gods word and you can’t Stop. We should talk to God like we’re talking to our best friend because that’s who he wants to be. We can’t hide from him he knows all and see all he sees the dark places in our life’s and he want to shine his light on it. He has made a way of Escape for you Trust and Obey there’s NO other way. You can be set free.
Jesus Is The Reason.


*Be Encouraged*

*Be Encouraged*

Focus on the promise and not the process. And know that God is always with you. Galatians 3:22 But the scriptures has in prison everyone everything-the entire world under sin so that the Inheritance and Blessings of Salvation which was promised through Faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe in him and who acknowledge Him as Gods precious Son.