~Attention all Olympics may God~ continue to get the glory



Attention all Olympics
This was a great time for you to show the whole world your greatness. I’m sure all of you had to suffer with aching muscles and some had sprained ankles.
Some of you have missed  proms , hanging out with friends and family the things that most of us would call the normal things in life.
Why! because God has chosen you, he has put you on that platform so the whole world could see a wonderful creation he has made he loves you so much.

There are many that has tried and failed but God has chosen you ,so let your light continue to shine the light that God has placed in you that he might get the glory out of all the things that he has done for you.
He has no hands but your hands no feet but your feet so continue to tell the world where you get your strength from.

And for all those that didn’t get a gold medal God is still smiling on you so shine on shine on.
You too have change some lives I would even go as far as to say saved some life’s by motivating  and stimulating us as people to continue to do the best that we can do whatever it is that we do .
So keep your head, up keep a smile on your face and know that you are still loved by the people and God .
So continue with the gifts that has been given to you . And don’t give up and don’t cry you are all winners in God’s eye’s so use that platform so the world can see the great gift that he has given you.

God has created and gifted you.
Thank you all for your great performance.

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