~YOUR Stuff~


It’s amazing how we accumulate so much stuff.yardsale

And sometimes we have to even store the stuff that we accumulate.
We work long hours and miss out on what’s important which is the family time teaching our kids the right way to go in life.
And some of us are very confused ourselves on which way to go in life because we’re trying to chase that dollar.

Just ask God to help you to slow down and to keep in mind what’s important, and that is the things that concerns to Lord.

And if you don’t know it’s in the word of God the Bible, Matthew 24:35 said having an earth will pass away but the words of God would always stand.
It just doesn’t make sense to gain the world and to lose your soul because we have put so much time into accumulating  more stuff.
And keep in mind the stuff that you worked so hard for you don’t know if you’re going to leave it to a fool or a wise man.

It’s really okay to have stuff, but don’t let the stuff have you, by keeping you so busy that you don’t have time for God  and showing your family the way to God and that’s through his son Jesus Christ that died for the sins of the world.

So keep God first and enjoy your stuff.


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