Standing firm 

Standing firm in the word of God.

Titus 1:15-16 Rebuking Those Who Fail to Do Good
To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.
Remember that good works and holiness for the sake of good works and holiness will result in legalism, but when those endeavors are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, they will bring life to you and to others.


I’m blessed…

I’m blessed an highly favored by GOD..
To be blessed, to behighly favored is to have the liquidity of thought to be able to let go of what you thought was going to happen, and to embrace what God wants to do in your life. It may be a shift, it may be a turn, but God has a plan, and it’s better than yours. God is so good.