*Moving forward in 2017*

*Moving forward in 2017*

Moving into 2017 you have to initiate change. God is waiting on you to make the next move. If you feel like your life has been going around and around in a circle in 2016 keep the faith and just keep moving forward in the Lord. Set yourself apart and make room for God. In this season of transition you might have to shrink your circle. And keep moving forward ,Trust God he will provide and open new doors.
Keep the faith and pray.


*In a dark place*

*In a dark place*

You can be bless in the dark places in life by keeping the faith knowing that God is still in control of your life remember he has a plan for you .

God can use the dark places in your life to show you the light in him. He don’t send the dark places but he will use them for his glory. In the dark places you will pray more and seek his will for your life. Keep honoring God and move forward and he will show you his ways. Isaiah 55:8 says my thoughts are not your neither my ways are your ways.
In his word he says seek me in prayer and worship and you will find me. Jeremiah 29:11-13 The two key words are prayer and worship. (Not worry)

God’s Got A Plan

*Stepping out*

*Stepping out*

Sometime we need to set out and do whatever God is telling us to do. And if you don’t know just ask him. In his word he said ask and you shall receive, and seek and you will find. (It could be that small thing.)

Fear not God is with you .
Remember if God is telling you to do it he has a plan for your life.
You have to make the next move.

Jesus is the reason for the season 😀

*? Sad at Christmas*

? Sad at Christmas

Don’t be sad at Christmas

 Sometimes Christmas brings out your best emotions or your worse emotions. Emotions are how we feel about something or someone. Ask God to change how you feel about the negative thoughts that your thinking. Take control over your thoughts and don’t let your thoughts take control over you. Surround yourself around positive people (people of faith) and go visit the nursing home volunteer some of your free time.

Pray and read the word of God and start praising and worshipping by telling him how good he is to you for just waking you up. You will truly find strength that you didn’t know you had. God love you and wants the very best for you.

Remember you can do it through Christ who strengthens you.