The Gospel Of LukeHow to Prepare for the New YearJesus came to earth to live, die, and be resurrected to defeat death and cancel the debt of sin. He comes to us daily, as we embrace our salvation in Him and the indwelling of the HolySpirit. But we also look forward to His second coming. Christ Jesus will return again! Only the Father knows the time, but the promise of His coming is as trustworthy as God’s promise tosend a Messiah. God delights in our efforts to commune with Him, but Jesus didn’t leave the comforts of home in heaven to come and seek the spiritually motivated. He came to seek thelost. As this year comes to a close and we resolve to improve upon our lives in the next, remember the daily privilege we have as children of God. Follow Him swiftly, listen for Himintently, and seek Him enthusiastically every day we wake to breathe. Our entire lives, our every day, is purposed. We were lost when Jesus found us, and He covered us with His love. Written by William Savoury

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