Happy Fathers Day

Father forgive the Fathers

To : All the Father that would like to make things right with their children and don’t know how (even if they are adults.)

Here’s what you need to do.

Ask Your Heavenly Father to forgive you for whatever you did or didn’t do.
Ask Them to forgive you and apologize to them because they need to hear that from you face-to-face if possible and make sure you hear whatever they have to say without interruption. (They need you to here them).
Tell them If you have excepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, they need to hear that from you. (If you haven’t just ask him and be sure to read your bible.)
And if they still don’t want to have anything to do with you didn’t give up GOD don’t give up on you.
Pray for them and forgive yourself and do the will of the Father God.
Ephesians 6:4
Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger [do not exasperate them to the point of resentment with demands that are trivial or unreasonable or humiliating or abusive; nor by showing favoritism or indifference to any of them], but bring them up [tenderly, with lovingkindness] in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Peace be with all Father
Happy Fathers Day!


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