“It Is Well”

“It Is Well”

We need to have the right attitude towards everything we do, because you never know how and when God will use you in a person life. We all have our own story to tell about our personal lives even if you have the some parents, we have our own feeling and thoughs on what we have seen and felt growing up and no one can take that away. But for sure God can heal the broken hearted if you can come to the truth of what happened in your world growing up . Romans 8:28 Knowing that all things will work together for your good… Be open to the others that have there story (truths). We must be attentiven not only to our actions, but also to our thoughts, imagination, motives, intentions and attitudes because God is looking at All of our hearts, even if you’re the only one that can come to the truth that you know set yourself free by the Truth. And keep praying for others that they may find peace with themselves and others. God’s desire is that we who know Him learn to live in peace within ourselves first. Then we can radiate that peace to other, bringing camness and wisdom to tense situations, and in doing so be the light of the world.
It Is Well.
Jesus is the reason.


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