“Caught Up”

Don’t Get Caught up*
Sometimes we get so caught up in all the wrong going on in our life, we take our eyes off all the good going on in our life. Most importantly, we take our eyes off Jesus and forget that He’s still in control.
When you get so consumed in all the negativity, it only stresses you more and leaves you feeling alone in your situation. Putting us right where the devil wants us, feeling we’re alone and distant from God. Feeling like God is so far away, when in reality He’s been there all along. God will never leave you and is only a prayer or call away! You’re not meant to figure everything out on your own. You’re not alone in your situation! God is in control and all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.
Take a deep breath, in and out and release it to God. Don’t give anyone’s negativity space in your mind. Don’t give anyone that power to control your emotions. Don’t let anyone steal your joy and peace. CHOOSE JOY today! 🙌💯❤


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