*Help Someone Today*

*Help Someone Today*

Your words are powerful,
we are living in the world today where there is no secrets in the closet anymore, people have been deceived and are very proud and feeling free in their sinful life style and want you to be okay with it. They have been deceived pray for them. BUT as a child of God that’s Not Happening! I will forever speak the truth in love and I will never compromise God truth. When we share our testimonies about what God has done for us we can help in setting someone else free from there sins. We as people can look each other in the eye and say that “We are okay” when we’re really not, we are bound and need to be set free from something and only you know what” Your thing is.” God has given us Spiritual authority to heal one another with his words, praying and laying on hands. That’s what Jesus died on the cross for to set us free. Yes, lots of people know God and may have even grew up in church but do not have a real person relationship with his son Jesus Christ. People are waiting on you to tell them about the love of Jesus Christ. Sin can take you further than you want to go. Charge you more than you can pay and keep you longer than you intended on staying. There is some Pleasures in some sins but that is only for a season. There are lots of people in bondage and they don’t even realize it until they come to Christ. So let us continue to pray for one another and be that light. In Matthew 5:16 it says be a light. When you see your neighbor in need of a encouraging word, prayer,or whatever “there thing is” be that person to show some love. Help someone to get Free. And in return you just might be Freeing yourself from “your thing” we all got a thing. Romans 3:23 We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
For the love of God help someone today.


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