~I love my Country~




2 thoughts on “~I love my Country~

  1. You don’t have to like Trump either! Hillary = to Democracy? Like him or not, Trump exposed her numerous criminal activities AGAINST America and 30 year history of BAD choices. NOTICE – TD Jakes did NOT agree with Oprah, in fact , he said he’s withholding his opinion for 30 years from now. Wake Up!


    1. Thank you for your comment😀
      Personally I don’t care for either but I’m going to exercise my right to vote it’s so many people feel the same way and some are not going to vote. And that’s their right . I must say this about the post Oprah is a billionaire and has done so many things for people. But she’s not a woman of the cloth she don’t care what people say or think about her.
      However TD Jakes he watches over Souls he’s a powerful man of God and I’m sure he have to watch what he says people will use any and every excuse for not coming to God at this point their bloods not on his hands nowadays people will take your words and change them to make you look bad or in his case the Church. He left no place for the devil he’s a wise man.


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