~Finding strength in the wilderness~


WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Adolescent male experiencing outdoor therapy
Sometime it’s just you and God

Today our way maybe through the wilderness. It may be easy to become discouraged. Discouragement is a tool of Satan. The story was told that Satan was “going out of business” all of his tools were offered for sale.
They were attractively displayed on the table.  What an array- hatred, envy, deceit, jealousy! One harmless- looking one, much worn, was priced highly than any of the others.” What is that tool?” someone asked.
“Discouragement,” was the reply. “Why is it so expensive?” Satan answer, “Because it is the most useful to me than any of the others.”
Will our distress drive us to despair and discouragement or to God?
May we, be like David find strength  in the Lord our God .
1st Samuel 30 reads David in the midst of trouble.

But his distress drove him to the Lord…


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